Parachute trouble

Tell stories about your spud cannon adventures!

Postby superperineumman » Fri Sep 26, 2003 5:10 pm

if u want a parachute projectile just go out and buy those little parachute men(they are about 3.5 inches tall with kit string attached to a parachute)
it works pretty good if u can figure out how to stop the chute from opening 2 feet out of the barrel
i put a rubber band on the chute and tied a string to the band and then tied the string to something that will pull the band off
its alot easier than throwing them
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Postby Chriszuma » Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:47 pm

when my friend cracked his window with a golf ball, he (miraculously) found a dead bird in the backyard and put it under the window so it looked like it frickin kamikazied the window. The funniest part about this is that his parents bought it!
the moral: broken window + dead bird = very few questions asked
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Postby Bartman007 » Thu Oct 23, 2003 1:34 am

wow, I did something similar with a golf ball, except it made a dimpled dent in the sheetrock wall. I was 4 at the time so I didn't think to find a bird ;)
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