How to use a fire extinguisher as a chamber

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Postby MrCrowley » Mon Dec 18, 2006 7:19 pm

Ok everyone wants the answer to this....well I have it.

I found an old tap(pictured below) and opened it up to reveal this threaded plug thing that makes the tap screw and let water in. If you have a tap similar to this take it all apart and un-screw all the fittings.....
You will be left with a single fitting that is around about 16-17mm and about 7-9mm. But on the inside of the 16mm part is 1/4"(6mm) threads, so cut the 7-9mm threads off and grind it down so its smooth,now you have Fire Extinguisher threads on the outside and 1/4" threads on the inside. Simply thread it into any FE(most should work) and then tap a 1/4" thread into the fitting and then tap a 1/4"- whateverthreadyourusing and thats it.

Tap with fittings removed(Left fitting is modded, right fitting is non-modded) ... P_0025.jpg

Left Fitting has top cut of and grinded down revealing 1/4" threads, Right fitting is straight from the tap no mods made. ... P_0026.jpg

Tell me what you think and if it works out for you.

Mods once again feel free to edit if needed as this could be a sticky one day,it has saved me laods of time and money and is easy to do and the fire extinguisher threads are the same for most people around the world.(This is copied from my orginal post on spudfiles)
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