Using a pneumatic piston as a recoil buffer?

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Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:00 pm

I've finally revived my old "anti tank" lookalike cannon idea. The cannon itself has been in firing condition for quite some time now, the main issues it had were leaks, a trigger mech, a reliable way to pressure her and some kind of "stock" that would allow me to shoulder fire her without too much recoil.

All issues have now been solved except the pressure source and the stock, the pressure source issue is practically solved at this time. So that leaves me with the stock, i plan on using an old cylinder i have lying around to try and dampen the recoil. It's a very sturdy model with a 50mm piston and 100mm of travel.

I plan on fully extending the piston and capping one port with a 1/4 plug, so it would basically use the air still present inside as a buffer. I'm not asking if it's practical :D but would it work? The cannon has a 1,2" piston valve, a short 2" chamber and a 90cm 25mm barrel. It will shoot slugs made out of wire rod and washers at around 50bars, the cannon itself is not finished so i can only guess the weight but it should be near 12/13kgs.