"How Much CO2 do I need?"

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THUNDERLORD wrote:When i try to download it I get an error.
It all goes back to when I removed spyware I picked up on accident.

If anyone's interested, I am raising an army to smash entire families of people with anything to do with spyware...
you know, rip their teeth out with pliers burn them alive and impale them through the bum on pikes etc.
This is not a joke. Seriously, it could become a decent career. :roll: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: 8)
Sorry for the offtopic rant below. Skip it if you are not interested.

I moved off Windows for my primary web machine at home for that very reason. It has two wonderful things going for it.

1 It won't run Windows programs.. This is not always a bad thing. Most malware are Windows programs. Basic programs for most tasks are free.

2 I can operate it as a non privileged user.. I can't install programs in that mode. Only rarely do I need to log in as an administrator to install or configure software.

3 All downloads are saved as plain files, not executables. To run a program, it has to either have the attributes changed to an exectutible, or manually run in a terminal. Autorun is a Windows flaw.

Link for the free download. http://www.ubuntu.com/

On the downside;
1 It isn't Windows. It doesn't run Windows programs.
2 It isn't Windows. It takes some learning to use it.
3 It isn't Windows. Many copyrighted programs are not included in the distribution even though it is free to download and install yourself. Examples are MP3 codecs to play MP3 files and Flash Player to view flash content. Installing these as a noob can be difficult.
4 It isn't Windows. Many Copyrighted programs have restrictions and are therefore illegal in many countries. Example, DECSS the decoder needed to play CSS encrypted copy protected DVD's. In the USA, it is a DMCA violation to play a DVD with an unapproved codec. If you can install the codec in your country, playing the DVD with the ability to skip the menu, previews and other unskippable crap is wonderful. (this is why the codec is not approved) putting in a DVD and having the movie start right away is great. Menu is a click away if you want it. :D It is a bear to get installed and working and may be illegal in your country.
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If you want the updated co2 fill program, it is posted here:

http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/co2-fil ... 18709.html
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Great piece of software :) I've been kicking numbers round my head for a while now, and wondered if someone here could confirm. I'm filling a 1.5" dia x 12" long chamber to 120/150 psi. If I was using 2 12g disposables, I think I'll get 5 shots, before empty. Hope someone can put me out of my misery :-D
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