Listed here for reference are the best of everything (non ultra-exotic) in spudgunning.

Building Material

Types of pipe:

Type of solvent cement:

  • PVC - Oatey Clear Medium PVC Cement
  • ABS - Weld-On 773 Black
  • All Purpose - Weld-On Multi-Purpose 790 Clear

Type of epoxys:

  • Metal -
  • Plastic -
  • All Purpose -

Type of valve - Darn Fast Turbo Valve

Type of valve sealing face - Neoprene

Type of piston material - HDPE plastic

Type of piston lube - White Lithium Grease

Type of piston bumper -

Type of ignition source - Stungun

Type of spark gap - Spark Strip


Type of flammable aerosol - Starting Fluid

Type of flammable gas - Propane

Type of flammable liquid - Alcohol (rubbing or denatured)

Type of compressed gas: Hydrogen