Beverage can

Beverage cans, also known as beer cans or soda cans, are disposable aluminum containers sold with a liquid content. They are easy to fill with water, sand, or concrete.


Very few pipes fit standard-sized beverage cans; with the only stock pipe being 2.5" SDR 26. Such pipe has a total gap of .035", which is a pretty good fit.

Alternatively, one can make their own barrel for soda cans, by sleeving a piece of 3" sch 40 pipe inside another piece of 3" sch 40 pipe using the "modified insert" method. This yields a barrel with an estimated inside diameter of 2.61" (.01" gap).

Smaller cans, such as those of "energy drinks" are said to fit in 2.5" sch 40 pipe. (Which also fits tennis balls)

For those that don't wish to go to the trouble of procuring a special barrel for beverage cans, it's always possible to use a sabot.

Use and target performance

Soda cans can be filled with any fluid or solid small-particles including water, sand, or cement. A flap of material can be glued over the opening to keep its new contents inside. Alternatively, they can be fired without consuming their contents; this effectively spreads the odor of the product.

(Need info on target performance)

Aluminum containers don't biodegrade very well. Pick up your trash.


  • Outside diameter: 2.6 inches
  • Length: 4.8"
  • Mass: 14 grams
  • Wall thickness: .005"
  • Volume: 355 ml
  • Mass, water filled: 369g