Posting a image:

First it must be determined if the image is already hosted on the internet, or if it is on your computer hard drive.

Image is hosted:

First right-click the desired image, then select 'Copy image location'. If not available, select 'Properties'. Listed will be the 'location', highlight, and copy the location. The location must then be put in tags. Either of the following will work:

  • [img][/img]
  • <img src="">

[The location - - was used as a example.]

Image on hard drive:

If you are writing a reply, first select the 'Add Reply' button. Once you have added your remarks, scroll down to 'add an attachment'. Under 'Filename' select browse, and find the image on your computer. At this time if your so choose add a description for the image, then select 'Add Attachment'. This may be done multiple times before 'Submitting'.