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I have been a member of Spudfiles for a few years now. Before that, I used to design and build pneumatic launchers for paintball and airsoft applications. Doing that is what led me to Spudfiles. Over these few years I've been a member here, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and even more experiences on the subject. One day, I decided to begin documenting this knowledge and experiences. Eight documents later, and I think it's time I put these documents within easy reach of this community.

2in Piston

A 2" piston is one of the most commonly built pistons to date. This document is essentially a how-to on my 2" piston. This particular piston has an o-ring, a built in check valve, and a padded sealing face - all of which is constructed using the most basic tools. I've personally built several of these types of pistons and can turn one out (excluding drying times) in less than one hour.

2in piston.pdf


CO2 is a commonly used fuel source for a pneumatic launcher. Unfortunately, some of the same questions always arise. This file is created to answer these questions and to give the reader a better understanding of it.

CO2 FAQs.pdf

Improving the Barrel

One of the most important aspects of a launcher is the barrel. This document covers many common aspects of a barrel as well as some not-so-common ones. It includes information on sleeving pvc, rifling plastic and metal barrels, different breech loaders, and common projectiles with corresponding barrel matches.

A spreadsheet was also created for this document. It includes calculators for sleeving and rifling pipe.

Improving the Barrel.pdf

Barrel Calculators.xls

Launcher Design Sheets

This is a series of documents that assist a builder in constructing a launcher. It includes BBMG, combustion / hybrid, and pneumatic launchers. It contains many of the most important questions that should be answered while in the design process, and will speed up construction of the launcher.

BBMG Design Sheet.pdf

Combustion Hybrid Design Sheet.pdf

Pneumatic Design Sheet.pdf

Nerf MiniVortex Mods

Being an avid paintballer, I've had my share of firing off these little beasts from a launcher. And, while these have worked okay, they have always needed improvements. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought this, as I have been able to locate two modifications to the Pocket Vortex that work. These combined modifications will greatly increase accuracy, range, and stability in flight. Authors of the mods have been linked in the file.

Nerf Mini Vortex Mods.pdf

Portable Tank Calculators

This contains information on portable air supply tanks to be used in pneumatic launchers. It consists of the following:

12g CO2 Calculator - Designed to provide how much pressure is placed into a chamber using one 12g powerlet and also to show an approximate chamber size for a desired pressure.

Portable CO2 Tanks - This functions to demonstrate the number of fills that will be provided into a certain sized chamber for a full portable (paintball) CO2 tank.

Compressed Air Tanks - This functions just like the Portable CO2 Tank calculator, except it is used for air tanks, such as HPA.

Since all of the above calculator use English measurements, I have included a conversion calculator as well. It contains some of the most commonly used units and can be used outside of the calculators if desired. It also contains pipe information for the most commonly used types of pipes in a launcher. It provide the pipe's ID, OD, rated pressure (steel pipe - strength @30,000 and SF @ 10), and volume for a provided length.

Portable Tank Calculator.xls

The Sprinkler Valve

This book is one of the most extensive books online on the subject of a sprinkler valve. It includes just about everything someone needs to know about this valve, and also includes two unique methods of modification to further enhance the performance. I've also included a section in the book on modifying a blowgun valve as well, since it is the most commonly used valve to pilot a sprinkler valve.

Due to the information provided within the book, it has been placed as a sticky in the Spudfiles Pneumatic Cannon Discussion forum and also has its own SpudWiki page, which can be seen here.

The Sprinkler Valve.pdf


Each of the links will direct you to a mediafire link, where the documents can then be downloaded. Each time a new document is created by me, or if any errors are provided to me, this page will be updated. Errors and corrections should be sent to me via private message at Spudfiles.