Inline Vortex BBMG

An Inline Vortex BBMG as the name suggests, is a BBMG that uses a vortex block as the main feeding system. The inside of the vortex block is where all the magic happens. The inside is circular in shape and guides the BBs around and around until they get chambered into the barrel. What causes the BBs to spin around is the stream of air supplied from the air inlet. None of this would matter though if the BB's could not make it to the vortex block. With the traditional tee vortex block BBMG you would have to aim down for the gun to fire or shake the gun up and down. This can be solved by adding a plunger system that pushes the BBs towards the vortex block at all times and directions. Shown below is an animation that shows this concept.


Examples of Inline Vortex BBMGs