Talk:BB machine gun


Davidvaini, nice job on adding the airsoft data, it looks good.

Could you add the barrel type and length and the air source pressure you used for the ROF and velocities you quoted? Are those numbers for a 120PSIG compressor or a CO2 setup? Perhaps a description of the ammo as well (6mm at 0.2g or 0.25g or ?). Is there a link you can add, perhaps to a post in the spudfiles forum, describing the particular gun?

I made some changes to the hop-up portion. Feel free to nuke what I changed. I was trying to bend the discussion more towards a hop-up increasing the accuracy, which in turn increases the effective range. Instead of simply saying the hop-up increases the range. My understanding is that a hop-up actually decreases range somewhat, but the increased accuracy increases the effective range.

I wonder if we should add a section comparing airsoft to copper/steel bbs? You really can't compare the performance based just on the muzzle velocity for the two ammos.

frontal areas:

6mm area=28mm^2

0.177" (4.5mm) area=16mm^2


6mm airsoft = 0.2g or 0.25g or ...

0.177" copper/steel bb = 0.33g

sectional densities:

0.2g or 0.25g 6mm airsoft = 0.007g/mm^2 or 0.009g/mm^2

0.177" copper/steel bb = 0.02g/mm^2

So, at the same muzzle velocities the copper/steel BB will have a higher muzzle energy and should carry farther (smaller sectional density) than the airsoft. jimmy101