Talk:Combustion process

I don't think the current incarnation of this is what we really want or what it was intended to be. I'm thinking we want something more along the lines of a discription of how the flames spread... kindof a 'therory' artical. --boilingleadbath 21 October 2005 21:27 (CDT)

Yes that's what I meant when I made the link - about the chemical reactions, energy/heat/pressure, reaction rate, flame fronts etc. What's here now is already described rougly in the combustion cannon article (which also could use some work, as of now it's mostly a copy of the Wikipedia entry). --GalFisk 22 October 2005 02:06 (CDT)
I moved the text from "combustion chemical reaction" here. I think the process that was described here was ok described in Combustion cannon, but if someone wants to use it I've saved it below.

1. A cap is opened to the chamber
2. Fuel is sprayed or injected
3. The cap is shut and sealed
4. The fuel is mixed with the air
5. The mixture is ignited
6. The mixture burns rapidly until the fuel or air is all used up, increasing pressure, shooting the projectile out
7. The cap is openned again, to vent the exhaust fumes and load in fresh air