Talk:Pneumatic cannon

Shouldn't there just be one page for modding a sprinkler valve?

Probably should, it could also be put in the sprinkler valve article, but I think it's better that it has its own. Could be called sprinkler valve modification perhaps? --GalFisk 18 October 2005 13:48 (CDT)
Ok, that seems good. --Wesman987 18 October 2005 17:46 (CDT)

It seams that changing "main valve" to "firing valve" could introduce confusion, as pilot operated valves... well, you fire the gun by oppening the pilot valve. Thoughts on this, saladtosser? --boilingleadbath 23 October 2005 17:25 (CDT)

I dont know, but main gas release valve sounds fine, main valve could be anything. should have a vote on this one.
Well, I'v heard several people calling them "dump valves"... just thought I'd through an idea out there. --boilingleadbath 23 October 2005 19:28 (CDT)