"firing a sock at a door will puncture it" Patently false, in my experience. 30 psi (blame the bike pump) at a hollow-core door does not damage it at all with a sock. (2*51" barrel; co-axial diaphram cannon)

"firing a sock at a person will puncture him/her" Again, false. I'v been shot (in the face) with a sock at some 20-30 psi, and while it did hurt a ****ing lot, I'm still posting. [darn brother!] (some gun as above)

--boilingleadbath 3 December 2005 17:13 (CST)

The "don't shoot living things" parts could use some cleanup, maybe we could link to real life accidents like "frog boy" from here as well. There's much material in the safety section of the spudtech forums that could be used. --GalFisk 10 February 2006 11:11 (CST)