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Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:12 pm

I was there when spudtech had a forum, I remember using a tarp and bucket, I was there when the first hybrid was ever created, and propane metering systems were still experimental. I have been way from the whole scene for a long time and don't even know what is new these days. So what advancements have been made?
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:15 pm

welcome to spudfiles :D
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:19 pm

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Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:22 pm

There have been some advancements in hybrid valve design, I reccomend you check out some of Spudblaster15's threads.
There has also been advancements in fueling with the manometric fueling system.
JSR finally got full-auto :lol:
Tech pioneered a new pneumatic valve a "QDV"
POLAND_SPUD showed how simple semi-auto is
JSR has been converted to a power hungry hybrid builder.

I probably missed a bunch, but that should help you
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:31 pm

Piston hybrids, 200x mix hybrid, QDVs (Quick Dump Valves), oxy/prop hybrids, semi-auto combustions...things like that :)

I guess things have just been refined in other areas. Fueling on combustions is now being done in no time at all with the help of directional control valves, any man can now build a hybrid and the fueling methods have been improved with the added method of manometric metering. Jackssmirkingrevenge (you'll know him as FullMetalJacket) has unleashed a flurry of pneumatic small bore semi and fully automatics, now he's playing around with small bore hybrids.

I believe it was Fnord who created the first piston hybrid, DYI held the highest hybrid mix record with a 20x mix in malleable iron pipe until Larda came along and built a hybrid that was firing at 200x mixes. Killjoy made a pretty big hybrid which smashed a few energy records for awhile I believe. SpudBlaster15 and DYI have both made improvements to hybrids in design, metering and fueling.

Technician1002 came along with the Quick Dump Valve, which is sort of like a spool valve in that both ends of the piston are balanced until they are manually triggered by a pull rod. If I recall correctly, it opens faster and with more flow than a normal barrel sealing piston valve and it has the added bonus of no pilot.

That's all I can think of for now.

edit: Oh how could I forget VERA?

You'll know D_Hall from Spudtech, you may want to look at this topic. In fact, you may have read about his "pipe dream" back on SpudTech.

D_Hall also released a GGDT for combustion and hybrid cannons called HGDT.
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:06 pm

You also missed shots that appeared as impossible before they where taken..
Like DYI being the first to penetrating a 1/4" steel plate with a spud gun (Pneumatic)
Shortly after that EVERYONE was shooting at steel plates to demonstrate power and along came "Larda" with his work of art and shot clean through 1cm of steel.
I am working on penetrating atleast 1.5cm steel plates with my hybrid, however work stalled a while ago when my propane manometer (manometric metering means sensitive gauges that is hard to get) broke and I haven't gotten a new one yet.

High speed videos has also gotten very popular, alot of members now uses the Casio high speed series camera to film their shots.

Another thing worth mentioning is that ETG (Electrothermal guns) is being experimented with, Larda was the one who set this off and DYI followed. Larda used tremendous amounts of energy in a less efficent gun design and DYI did the opposite and used relatively small amounts of energy in a very well built small gun, he's creation currently has the velocity record at 9.000fps IIRC. He was also the first amatuer that managed to create a impact flash with a gun he constructed himself. That shot was also captured by a Casio high speed camera.

Uhm.. There has been alot of talking/experimenting with valveless pneumatics, haven't really got to much progress on that though. Mostly designs and less builds.

After that we have JSR's work on the cartrige hybrid. Basicly it is a rifle where the gun powder is replaced with a mix of fuel/air.
His designs consist of a small diameter brass tube, a O-ring detent and a spark gap at the back. Fueling is done by pressing a BB through the detent and into the cartrige, and then the fuel/air mix is injected under pressure through the "muzzle" and the BB acts as a one-way valve to seal it up again. When ignited the BB tears free.

As mentioned Spudblaster15's piston hybrid is highly impressive and begs to be seen by any serious member.

You should also check out the "Sureshot" company, a spudfiles sponsor that you will se ads for on the site, they construct and sell high quality cannons.

I just wrote down from the top of my head so correct me if there is anything missleading. (Fnord, JSR, SB15 or Poland will post links to all sorts of topics in a moment)
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:31 pm

Lockednloaded wrote:JSR finally got full-auto :lol:
That won't mean a lot to a Spudtech veteran. Jackssmirkingrevenge was called FullMetalJacket back then.
Does that thing kinda look like a big cat to you?
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:56 pm

There has also been some super tiny minis that function like full sized advanced combustions with chamber fans and all. Solaris made some pro-grade pneumatic cannons and there has been an increase in machine shop built metal cannons. Cannons like the spudtech's "SP9004" are becomming more and more common when cannons like that were simply unheard of before.
There has been a sudden burst of innovative slingshot designs shared on the forum by Joerg ( i think thats how its spelled)
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:02 pm

Wow, it really is great to see that things haven't died out! Ill have to do some catching up. I never would have expected to see semi/full auto down.
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Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:07 pm

There's no way to list all the stuff thats happened in the years since spudtech. You'll just have to look.
I just wrote down from the top of my head so correct me if there is anything missleading. (Fnord, JSR, SB15 or Poland will post links to all sorts of topics in a moment)
Some stuff that hasn't been mentioned

The french have been invading lately...
Nice bullpup
Steel BBMG
Full auto combustion gatling gun(!!)

JSR has built himself a nail-art bead dispenser, mouse fart generator, and is working on giving Windows xp control of automatic weapons.

Solar has made a bunch of professionally machined stuff

I made a coilgun. Not an airsoft gun!
BTB has made some big stuff. (And also some full-auto stuff)

The hybrid cannon showcase is worth sorting through. Everytime I go there I feel I need to get up and build something again.

There was a nice contest though unfortunately I didn't get to enter it.

And... slingshots?
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