Mauler Valve


The Mauler valve is a commercially available barrel-sealing piston valve for the use in a pneumatic cannon, designed by Sean Gort of

Independent tests by Sean Gort and John Shell (author of NeoSpud) both found that the Mauler valve yields muzzle velocity superior to that of the Supah-Valve. A shooting chronograph was used to return muzzle velocity data.

Both the Mauler and Supah use a lathe to modify the components found in the valve. The Mauler using a wood lathe, and the Supah-Valve using a metal lathe. The difference between the wood, and metal lathe is how the tooling is controlled. On a metal lathe, the tooling is fixed in a mechanism, then moved along linear axises. With a wood lathe the tooling is held in the operators hands, steadied by a tool rest.


  • 2" Female NPT Porting
  • 1" Female NPT Pilot
  • Encased in 2.5" PVC tee

Variants of Valves:

For every size variation the valve is given a different name.

NPT Porting:

  • 1.5" - Shredder
  • 1.25" - Ripper
  • 1" - Stinger

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