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'''1st Time Spudcannon Builder'''12 gram CO2 cartridge
5-pin automotive relay555 timer
AA BatteryABS PipeAcetylene
BBQ ignitorBB machine gun
Ball valve
BestBeverage canBlowgun
Blowgun modificationBreech loading
Bulk tank regulatorBurst diskBurst disk material
BushingBushing modificationButane
Butterfly valveCALM
CO2 tank
C cellCamera flashCamlock coupling
Cannon constructionCarbon Dioxide
CarcareninjaCast ironCell-core
ChamberChamber fanChamber to barrel ratio
Check valveChronograph
CleanoutCloud BBMG
Combustion cannon
Combustion processCommon Ammo
Common Fuels for Combustion SpudgunsCompressed air regulatorCompression fitting
CompressorComputer ApplicationsConstruction materials
CopperCopper epoxyCopper pipe
DWVDiaphragm valveDowel
Female threadsFill stationFlanged
Flow coefficientFlyback circuitForum Code
Forum StickiesFuelFuel meter
Gallery of Inline Vortex BBMGsGallery of Vortex Cap BBMG's
Gas Gun Design ToolGas bottle
GasolineGate valve
Golf ballGood technical examples & articles
HonkingHow-ToHubb Library
Hybrid cannonIPLA
IceIdentifying Pressure Rated PVC
Ignition coilIgnition source
IndexInline Vortex BBMGLantern sparker
Launcher configurationLegal issuesLinear
MAPPMain Page
MarbleMauler Valve
Miniature spudgunsMultiple tanks and T's
Muzzle loadingMuzzle velocityNeoprene
O-ringOpening PressureOpening time
Over/underPVC Glue
PVC ReagentPVC pipePVC vs. ABS
PaintballPaintball nitrogen tank
Paintball regulatorPilotPilot valve
Pilot volumePiston Valved HybridPiston valve
Pneumatic air sourcesPneumatic cannon
PressurePressure gauge
Pressure regulatorPrimerPropane
Propane regulatorPropene
Quick-exhaust valveQuick Dump Valve
Quick disconnect
Remotely Activated Gun
Rifled barrelRules/ Suggestions
SabotSafetySafety valve
Schrader valveShock heating
SleevingSolderingSolvent welding
Spark gapSpark stripSpray and pray
Sprinkler valveSprinkler valve modification
SpudFiles forum guidelinesSpud cutterSpudding Jokes
Spudgun accuracy
Starting fluidSteel PipeSteel pipe
Step 1 - Removing the Flash BulbStep 2 - Drilling the Holes for the Ignition Coil Wires
Step 3 - Before Adding the RelayStep 4 - Adding the RelayStep 5 - Adding the Ignition Coil and Spark Strip/Spark Gap
Step 6 - Providing Power to the RelayStep 7 - Removing the Battery Contacts
Step 8 - Adding a Battery Holder and Kill SwitchStep 9 - Replacing the Charging Button
Stun gunSupah-Valve
Tee Vortex BBMG GalleryTee vortex BBMGTeflon tape
Tennis ballThe Sprinkler ValveThe Spudgun Technology Center
The reasons behind the rulesToolies Piston Valve
Tools redefinedTriggered burst diskUnion
Useful construction linksValveVenting
Vogt-patternVortex block
Vortex cap BBMGWaddingWantedpages
Water measuringWhat is a spudgun?Why aren't my questions being answered?
You might be a spudder if