Forum Stickies

What Is A Sticky?

A sticky is a topic on a forum that has been edited by a Moderator so that it will always show the 'stickied' topic at the top of the forum section it is posted in.

Topics are usually stickied for the main reason of them being extremely helpful to all members, new members in particular. The topics usually contain information unique to that topic and are very informative. By making the topic a sticky, it saves members from searching the forum for similar information. As the topic shows at the top of a particular forum section, members will always be able to find it and it will stand out to newer members.

Spudfiles Stickies

Below is a list of the current forum stickies on Spudfiles in there corresponding forum sections.

Website Discussion

General Spud Cannon Related

Pneumatic Cannon Discussion

Combustion Cannon Discussion

Hybrid Cannon Discussion

BB/Airsoft/Pellet Gun Discussion

Construction Materials/Ammo Discussion

  • Ammo Ideas. Got an idea for good spudgun ammo? Post it here. Please check first that you are not duplicating anything already previously said in the topic.
  • Golf Ball Barrel FAQ. All you need to know about golfball barrels being used with spudguns.

Non-Spudgun Related Discussion

IPLA Discussion

How-To Database

Theories/Accessories Database

Important Spudfiles Announcements